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Prevent Dog Attacks

DAZER II ultrasonic dog repeller

EMF Safe Range

Electromagnetic Field  Meter

Safe Range K-II EMF Meter


Pet Training Aid

PET-AGREE ultrasonic pet training device


Keep Pets OFF Furniture and Vibration Alarm

TATTLE TALE vibration detector

Dazer II helps prevent dog bitesK-II Enterprises manufactures a unique range of products including the DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent; the TATTLE TALE Vibration Alarm for pet training and security; the PET-AGREE Ultrasonic Pet Trainer and the Safe Range K-II EMF Meter for home safety. At K-II Enterprises we strive to bring you useful, unique high quality products with exceptional service. Pets agree with PET-AGREE pet trainer


Thanks for visiting us, we certainly hope you enjoy our online store with Free Shipping in the USA. TATTLE TALE vibration detector alarms to keep pets OFF furniture



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