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Prevent Dog Barking

DAZER II ultrasonic dog repeller

EMF Safe Range

Electromagnetic Field  Meter

Safe Range K-II EMF Meter


Pet Training Aid

PET-AGREE ultrasonic pet training device


Keep Pets OFF Furniture and Vibration Alarm

TATTLE TALE vibration detector

Dazer II helps prevent dog bitesK-II Enterprises manufactures a unique range of products including the DAZER II Ultrasonic Anti Barking Aid; the TATTLE TALE Vibration Alarm for pet training and security; the PET-AGREE Ultrasonic Pet Trainer and the Safe Range K-II EMF Meter for home safety. At K-II Enterprises we strive to bring you useful, unique high quality products with exceptional service. Pets agree with PET-AGREE pet trainer


Thanks for visiting us, we certainly hope you enjoy our web site. K-II products are made in the USA. TATTLE TALE vibration detector alarms to keep pets OFF furniture



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