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Prevent Dog Attacks

DAZER II ultrasonic dog repeller

EMF Safe Range

Electromagnetic Field  Meter

Safe Range K-II EMF Meter


Pet Training Aid

PET-AGREE ultrasonic pet training device


Keep Pets OFF Furniture and Vibration Alarm

TATTLE TALE vibration detector


Tattle Tale Vibration Alarm


Are the TATTLE TALE instructions in multiple languages?

Yes, click the link to download TATTLE TALE Instructions, .pdf format.


How does the TATTLE TALE work?
It detects vibrations from the animals paws or claws as they touch an object; then it sets off the alarm. 
How long does the alarm sound last?
Approximately 2-1/2 seconds, then it resets itself. 
Is the alarm audible?
Yes, people and pets can hear it.
How long will the battery last?
Usually with normal use the battery is good for many months.
How do you change the battery?
Turn the TATTLE TALE over and remove the battery door. Replace battery with a new Eveready® 9 volt battery or equivalent.
What if the TATTLE TALE does not work when I first turn it on?
The TATTLE TALE is shipped with the battery disconnected.  Remove the battery door and attach battery clips to battery.
Why doesn't volume change with HI or LO switch?
The HI and LO switch are for sensitivity not for loudness.  HI switch detects smaller vibrations than the LO switch, select for optimum performance.
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