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Prevent Dog Attacks

DAZER II ultrasonic dog repeller

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DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
Are the DAZER II instructions in multiple languages?
Yes, click the link to download DAZER II Instructions, .pdf format.
Can I hear the DAZER II?
No, the sound is in the ultrasonic region, which is above the human hearing range, but dogs and cats clearly hear it.
How far away does the DAZER II have an affect?
Generally it works best as a deterrent in the 15 to 20 foot range, though it is often helpful to activate it when you first see the dog, even as far away as 30 foot or more as an added alert to help deter the dog. 
Will the sound work through glass or a fence?
The sound will not go through glass, or a door, or a solid wood fence. It can go through a chain link fence or a fence with openings between the slats.
How can I tell if the DAZER II is working?
The DAZER II has a diagnostic red LED on the top, which lights when the button is depressed. The LED will not light if the battery is low or if the DAZER II is damaged.
How long does the battery last?
Under normal conditions the DAZER II is good for about one thousand, one second activation's, in general terms about a year or more normally.
How do you change the battery?
Turn the DAZER II over and remove the 2 screws. Replacement battery must be an Alkaline battery, heavy duty, rechargeable or general purpose 9 volt batteries will not work.
Can the DAZER II help stop a dog from barking?
Yes, by repeated usage and adding a verbal command (such as "be quiet") you may be able to train a dog not to bark.
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